Inside me
2001-10-12 02:03:38 (UTC)

this one i wrote in high school

every rose must die
every soul must cry
soon will be my day
i can't forever stay
i know now that i'm sane
i know i feel pain
i can't hurt when i'm past
i can't die when i'm dead
this life could never last
i'll die asleep in bed
when people know that they'll die young
it hurts so much..and evils won
i'm really not afraid to die
though, i'd hate to see my family cry
to see my loved ones full of pain
i'd be so sad, i'd go insane
to see their tears pour like rain
i know i'd take myself to blame
i cannot hurt someone i love
i wish my soul was far above
i cannot bear to see them cry
i'm alive outside but dead inside
i only feel mental pain
i succeed to take myself to shame
to drain myself is such a sin
i know the good wont let me win

(c) 2001