Blood and Chocolate
2001-10-12 01:57:30 (UTC)


Hey everyone !
Sup ? Not much here! LOL ! Sorry I just got back from my
brothers soccer game " YOU OWN THEM !!!!!!! YOU OWN THEM
FHC !!!!!!!! " haha ! It was an awesome game !!!!! 2-0 FHC
WON !!!!! :)!!!! And Kati came home after school with me
and we did our homework and then went to the game !!!!!!
We were the only true Teens that cared about the game !!
Cause since we won this game we go on to the conferences !
Which we will win cause " WE OWN THEM !!!!!! YOU OWN THEM
RANGERS!!!!!!! " LOL ! wow ! And the goochie girls showed
up ! haha! " You don't wear primary colors in the day light !
Everyone knows that ! " PLEASE ! Get a life! haha ! There is no
quote for today cause I forgot to get one ! Sorry ! Well I gotta
bounce !