Blonde And Dangerous
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2001-10-12 01:50:28 (UTC)

10.11.01 8:51 pm CST

(still no intriguing titles... hmmm...)
Boggle wouldn't load at Damnit.
I was talking to HeatherL, and Casey (the senior) was
hitting on her AGAIN! Bastard.
I was also talking to Chanda, and she wants me to give her
sites for mp3's. I like being the one with the best music
in our grade, b/c it's the only way people actually talk to
me. Superficial, ya, majorly, but it's my source of
happiness... I don't wanna give 'em to her. Pathetic, but
she can just spend hours upon hours upon hours finding them
for herself. :P
I really need to add to my diaryland diary. (for my
website, dontcha know!) It's been about a week, possibly?
I'll have to look sometime.
I also need to write Paul Dunbar about Kris.
I also need to get my procrasinating ass working.

"don't tell me love isn't true"

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