Blonde And Dangerous
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2001-10-12 01:24:45 (UTC)

10.11.01 8:19 pm CST

(Really, I have no ingenious title today...)
We had a speaker come to our school today. Paul Dunbar.
He was REALLY good. He said if anyone needed to talk to
him, but didn't want to at school, we could e-mail him... I
need to... why? Kris. (I'm NOT going to go there now...)
I have study hall with Wright. Ick. I'd rather be in the
all-boys class and have Mr. Jacobsma. I had him last year,
and he was AWESOME! It's cool to have your band director
as your study hall moniter b/c he doesn't really care what
you do, as long as it isn't too loud or something... Mrs.
Wrights just downright crabby!
Right now I'm listening to Everlast "What It's Like" on my
older mix. I still love that song. Don't know why,
really, but I do.
I cannot wait until the lock-in on the 19th! Last year I
kept calling it the lock-out... oops! Kinda like when I
kicked Brett instead of the ball in gym that I managed to
hyperextend my left big toe... I could never remember the
word hyperextension. (I also gave him one hell of a
Right now my life is really boring. People don't get me, I
don't think. I don't have a best friend, well, not one I
can COMPLETELY trust in every way, like you should be able
to do. No one knows that I like the West Wing, and that I
write fanficiton for MASH, West Wing, and am currently
working on a 5th year for Harry Potter. (Complete with
Sirius and the demise of three characters I TOTALLY hate...
but their demise is totally believeable... hehehe...)

"i've been wrong, i've been down..."

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