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2001-10-12 01:20:01 (UTC)

home away from home

you think that venturing out on your own is like a good
thing, i mean independence. you get this self impotantant
look on life that like hell i can do anything. but little
do you know that independeance comes at a cost. home
sickness is like the worst thing you could possible in my
opinion feel. You miss the good times with your family
like you know the times that you at the time didnt remeber
as being oh so speacial but now you crave to have again. I
crave these times. I mean not really all of them , some was
bad enough living threw once, but like hell snow ball
fights with my younger brother and sister. i would give my
arm to have one of those right now.
sometimes you take for granted the things in life that
make us who we are. I mean me i love to smile, and .. well
to have people smile. one of the greatest rewards in life
is knowing .. hey i made a difference. I made someones day
a little brighter. that to me.. wow .. mental rush.
I could try to describe my expierence as they happen
day to day but i think that would cheapen it, there is no
way possible that i could describe my heart. and have
anyone just read it. and every thing i do i do by my heart.
my daddy always said follow your gut, no matter what
happens good or bad. as long as you did what you think was
best, you didnt fail.
The hearts a funny thing. I mean one second you can
be all up and in with a someone , and another time be like
oh my i cant believe i liked THAT! I try to look for the
beauty in things, the best in people. Believe me its not
all that hard everyone has some desirable qualty about
them . Look for it and wow.. you learn so much more then
just dismissing them off hand. the nicest fellow i have
ever met was also the most homly looking guy i have ever
met. by look you wouldnt go near him , but talking to
hime,. you have to wonder.. is he some type of hidden
well i am out for the night ,.