Visions Of Life
2001-10-12 01:19:56 (UTC)

Good Signs, Bad Signs, And A Pentagram In The Middle..

Hmmm... So far I havnt had a "relapse" of depression.I feel
like Im in a twisted kind of AA meeting which I have
entitled PA(psycos Hello, My name is
Christine and Im a fuckin psyco.. lofl.. But seriously,
aside from the occasional panic attack I am doing pretty
good.. Highly stressed but good.. And if I wasnt such a
procrastinater then I wouldnt be stressed.. Go figure.. lol Like I
have started saying, sometimes ya gotta go a little crazy to keep a
little sane..

Lol. Im just floating along through life like Im on cloud
6.. Not sure what I want to do with my life.. Just trying to
survive and make it.. Have all sorts of weird ideas for my
life.. None which are possible but ya never know.. I guess
if I pray enough to the divine goddess something might
happen.. Maybe Ill get a sudden burst of intelligence and a
degree.. lol.. Just give me my herbs(not a drug related
term), my mountain dew, a kitty, some lovin and some books
and Ill be happy.. Ooh.. I have been designing my own
clothes lately.. Now I just need some money so I can go and