lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2001-10-12 01:08:42 (UTC)

dub...and all

okaaaay, brittany says "and all" constantly and it cracks
me up. i'm glad i have a friend like her. actually, at
this point, i'm glad i have a friend.

well thursday is over except for the fun stuff, so i am
stoked beyond belief. tonight will be cool, whereas the
rest of today was NOT cool.

gosh, today i was standing outside the choir room with
sally and then jeff paul (the optional b-suits guy) came up
to us. he was like, "hi sally." (to me, that
is) and it made me feel sooooo loserly since i've told him
my name at least 3 times. ahhh man.

being quiet is fun. i seriously love not having to talk.
except when you don't talk, people either assume you're a
genius or you're retarded ("you are"..."come here"). yeah
well despite how random i am, yes, i have been stereotyped
as such this year so it is kinda stinky. but i love just
sitting through class w/o speaking.

hey my dad's project passed and like a million people told
me that they saw him on TV. oh yeeeaaah. and gabe thought
my dad was OJ. OH MY GOSH! that reminded me of the OJ
joke!!!!!! YEEEESSSSS!

wait what was my point there? oh yeah that means two
1) i'll probably move by senior year to farm-land
2) we get to get a car (prrrrobably in the next month or
so...and i'm workin on getting a convertible which would be
soo cool)

so those are both cools probably things in my life.