Fallen from grace

One day at a time...
2001-10-12 01:03:16 (UTC)


Yay!!! Homecoming tomorrow! I get to go to the parade and
maybe the game and Jamie's house and the DANCE! That's
probly one of the best parts cuz dances are always so
unpredictable and always fun. At least since that one that
really really sucked. Cuz that was no fun so I don't let
things at dances get to me so I have a good time! :)
People could learn from me! Haha.
Hmm...unpredictable...maybe...no. Probly not. **SiGH**
Oh well! It'll still be fun. Poor Jamie may not have the
best time cuz of ******* and that other person...but he'd
probly say no anyway unless she did what she did to that
other person...making it impossible to say no. She will. I
know it. Again I **SiGH**...but what can I do? Not a