The life and times
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2001-10-12 00:48:43 (UTC)

Arrrg, my day.

Well lets see, I got some good news, my dear mom is going
to take my dog. My dad is moving and cant take her so my
mom finally broke down and agreed to take her. I saw my lil
friend "lisa" today, I was so happy!! I had to take this
online loan counseling shit that I have to have before my
school loans would go through. I think it just propoganda,
for what I dont know, but useless none the less. I am still
trying to find date to the ballet on Saturday. I cant seem
to get a hold of Julie, and "lisa" cant go. I am going to
ask Tara but I doubt a beautful sorority girl would want to
be seen with me. If she doesnt go then I'll have to starte
meeting people I guess or I could ask my friend Leslie. I
have been meaning to cal her anyway.If she cant go, well I
guess I have an extra seat to put my feet up in. ARRRRGG
you would think this wouldnt be so hard. Its all politics I
guess. Its all part of an innerstellar plot to piss me off.
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