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2001-10-12 00:23:09 (UTC)


i guess my mom has a real high fever and she was delerious
earlier this evening, for somereason we started joking
about being poor and now it seems less funny and more

i was telling my mom the whole clint-mommy-sick situation
and here's what was said.

me. mom, clint has anthrax, he's going to die in 7 days.
mom. no hes not.
me. yah huh, hes coughing up a whole lot of blood.
mom. so?
me. have you ever coughed up blood
mom. a whole bunch of times.
me. maybe he has consumption
mom. he doenst have consumption.
me. do you even knwo what consumption is.
mom. yes, its a respitory illness.
me. its acutally Tuburculitis.
mom. thats wonderful, but clint doesnt have it.
me. mom, clint's mom has been married 4 times.
mom. she has worse luck than i do.
me. i feel bad for clint sometimes, i think it fucked him
up pretty bad, he's poor, ya know, too.
mom. sarah, honey, what do you think we are?
me. (i start to laugh) yeah mom, but i dont know, he only
has windows 95 (what a dumb thing to say)
mom. sarah, we're poor i know you feel bad for him, but a
lot of people are poor.
me. yeah i know
mom. (she starts to laugh) how much money do you think we
have, im a children's librarian and single mother. what do
you think we can do... "here clint, here's some money... oh
wait! we have no money to give you!!"
me. (i start to laugh unconrtolably)
mom (so does my mom)

there was A WHOLE LOT MORE TO THAT conversation but i spent
so much of it laughing at our situation that i dont even
remember, then my mom started making weird noises and
talking in funny voices, she has a real high fever,
verifiably delerious.

i talk about clint a lot in this journal even though him
and i arnt that close, but it seems fitting that he is more
of an online friend than a friend i see everyday and this
is an online journal.

clint seems really adorable, like a cute bear or a stuffed
animail, i feel like i want to tickle him and cuddle and
laugh cause hes just this adorable boy. i guess thats why
hes so neat. he told me today, about how sick he is, and
how he took his shirt off, stretched out, took a shower,
shaved, brushed his teeth, put clean clothes on and "felt
like a new man" just thinking about him stretching and
getting dressed just makes me smile because hes like this
cutsey little boy i want to keep in a box and smile at. his
fuckin name is Clint Gary Eastburn, how could you NOT think
hes adorable. i wont be one of those girls whos all over
him and shit, thats rediculous, i can tell, i can tell him
and i are cool, he comes to hang with us. so yeah.

sponge bob is such a cool show, its so innocent an sweet.

tommorow is alicia's party, i guess im sorta siked, i think
im staying over at jarred's does anyone think thats a BAD
idea, i think it may, espeicially its the night of alicai's
bday party (that's jarred's girlfriend) last night when i
was lying with jarred, will asked him "would you ever cheat
on Alicia" he wouldnt answer him, he just sorta said
somthing like "maybe im not that good of a boyfriend" or
somthign along that line, i felt like a home wrecker and
told will to not ask those questions when i was on top of
him, haha. jease, what if we hook up, that could be
disastrous, but hey, whatever.

"is mayonaise an instrument?"

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