Sex Book
2001-10-11 23:56:35 (UTC)

The beginnig and end of sex

Like I was sayin.... Darryl was pushing me against the
wall and kissing me . He was unbuttoning my shirt when he
was kissing me. I told him to stop. I mean i just didn't
really want it to go that far.He asked me what was my
problem in a sweet way and asked me why I didn't want to do
this. I told him. " I don't want to get pregant and I came
here with another boy as my date." He told me that it was
fine and we can stop if you want. Then he said but I do
have protection with me, if that's what your worried about.
I say thanks. Then he softly said do you want to stop and I
said I don't want to do this yet. I just met you but I have
no problem kissing. So he said Ok. Then pushed me back up
to the wall and started kissing me again. Then we were
makeing out and in my head while I was doing this I
though"Why not? He had protection. It's not like it's my
first time I've had sex. What could go wrong. Althought the
only thing is that we are outside but no one is here. I
don't know what I should do?" Then without thinking my hand
went down to his pants while I was getting some great
tongu.. I unzipped her pants and pulled down enought to use
and see it. then he stopped kissing me and looked down at
his penis that was straigt out because he had a erction and
then looked back up at me. He asked me if this is what I
want. I said I think so then I moved closer to me so that
the end of my legs just under where my mini skirt. Then I
sad yes. Oh yes. Then he kissed me and unbuttoned my shirt
and than reached behind me and unstraped my bra. Then he
slapped on his condom and he lifted up my skirt moved
closer I touching his chest and then he was feeling my
breasts then I went down and fingered him then her went to
suck on me breasts it felt so good I moaned. Then someone
came out the door Darryl held onto his pants my bra and I
held onto my shirt and we ran as far away as fast as we
could. That was my great night. Then we stopped and got
dressed. He gave me his number. He drove me home and that
is tonight. It was great. Bye Sex log