~My Life... Well, Mostly my "love life"~
2001-10-11 23:46:50 (UTC)

This Just In...

This just in... Jeff is a total and complete dork. Nothing
did happen over the weekend. Bur, he called me that Sunday
night to tell me that nothing happened. He asked me on the
phone on Friday for Somer's phone number, because he said
that he knew someone that liked her. I told him that I
knew that it was him, and he was like, "Yeah, that makes
sense. I go out with you, and I like Somer." I told me
that it could totally happen, because I go out with people
and still like other ones. I eventually gave him her
number, but he said that she won't accept incoming calls on
her phone, sohe couldn't talk to her. That Sunday night,
he told me that he had to tell me something very important,
but he didn't want to tell me on the phone because he
didn't want me to get mad at him or hang up on him which I
had been known to do before. So he wrote it in a letter
and gave it to me that Monday at school. I didn't read it
until I was on my way to first period, and he started going
out with Somer right before third. THAT pissed me off more
than anything else. He is such a dork. Well, he cheated
on Somer, the same way that he did me and everyone else, and
she dumped him on Monday. Today, he walked to my locker
with me after school, and I asked him why. He said that he
had time to waste before band practice, and that he had
nothing better to do with his time. I asked him if I was
his last resort, and he said "Not exactly." I don't know
what that means. I don't LOVE him anymore, but I am
starting to LIKE him again. There is a TOTAL difference.
I don't know. Jeff is a strange person. We have to write
journals in my English class, and I write about everything
that has happened between me and Jeff. I always get to
class before my teacher does after lunch, and Jeff was
standing there waiting on "her" with me. He SAID that he
was waiting on her, but JR told me that he wanted to stand
there because of me. Anyways, when Ms. Hayes saw him, she
wrinkled up ner nose and made a face at him because of all
the things that he has said/done to me. He didn't see her
though. That would have really been seriously funny!! But
I guess that it is just how the cookie crumbles that I like
Jeff, but never want to go out with him again. He sucks
big ones!! I'm stuck in a Puddle of Mudd (you know, the
song "Control"... "I love the way you smack my ass...")