shay files
2001-10-11 23:42:50 (UTC)

life... well i dont know how it is right now

well... school is ok. not as bad as it was at the beginning
of the year. i just miss my other friends a lot! i miss dee,
i miss seeing him in the morning and talking to him and
hearing his accent and cute little laugh. i miss camp i miss
my cabin and the smell and my best friends. god i miss them.
im goin to see one of them tomorrow wiht another friend from
camp and im excited but its not the same! i dont konw
school... well its school i mean how interesting can life at
an all girls school be? not tht interesting i still like
this guy whos like my best friend and i wanna go wiht him
SOO BADLY! i jsut wanna kiss him and have him hold me and
have us just be perfect but it wont happen cuz im fat and
ugly... well another day gone by