Steve-o's Online Diary
2001-10-11 23:24:08 (UTC)

TH 10-11-01: SENIOR SKIT HERE I COME!!! /;-}

Today wasn't too special. I was really relieved when i
woke up and found I was still alive. My hair was getting
dull, so I put some gunk in it to make it more shiny. Then
at lunch I signed up for the senior skit. I hate my
school! I hate those stupid ASB goons. And how do you get
back at a stupid stuck-up ASB goon? You hit'em where it
hurts... in the senior homecoming skit. If I get a major
role, I will go off campus at lunch, if I get a small part,
I will fall down and pretend to break my arm so they'll
have to cancel the skit. This will be great! MWaHaHaHaha!
They will all pay!!!! (but not too severely) Later in
lunch I took as many pictures as I could, tomorrow is Dan's
Birthday and I want to send his some pictures... the stupid
butthead! I took one of Jessi and me together. I'm gonna
tell him that Jessi is my girlfriend, cuz if he finds out
that I'm marrying Lea he will FLIP OUT!!! Ryan drove me
home, and I smoked some weed and put a couple of hydros to
my dome, and then I passed out by the pool. When I woke
up, I typed this.