2001-10-11 23:20:44 (UTC)

It's been a while

Well I wish it would stop raining outside. It has really
poured out there. I weighed yesterday and weighed 192pds.
Wow and I don't have to meet my goal until the 25th of this
month. I am really coming along. Kim and I are really
doing well. I have noticed that my my maturity and trust
towards her have gotten higher. I told her I trust her
about 90% now. I don't want to go to math tommorrow but I
got to. I am not sure college is what I want anymore. I
am enjoying phsychology. Speech is okay. English is a
little pain but math is kicking my ass. Oh yeah and
forrestry sucks I have to sit and look at him for an hour
and look interested. I don't even need it for my major.
Maybe what I need is some new classes. I can't wait until
next semester. I need a job. I don't know where I want
one though. My tendons in my wrist are hurting really
bad. I hope they get well. Well I guess i will go for now
see yall later. Miss you Kim! BYE!