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2001-10-11 23:17:56 (UTC)

Bad Blood

Ok, hello Petes! Don't lose to the Gennies! Puh-lease?! I
dislike the Gennies greatly. They are of course the Petes
biggest rival so. Of course I dislike the 67s more just cuz
I detest how they are constantly talked about in Ottawa. K,
so the Gennies scored twice on their first 2 shots on net.
David buddy, are you sleeping? I miss Joey. I think I've
said that before. Kurtis honey, you might not want to keep
giving the puck away dear. Oh well a Petes/Gennies game is
always good for a hockey fan. There's usually a couple of
fights. Bad blood you know.
K, I'm alone again. Not so lonely as I was last night,
thank God. But still lonely. And for some reason I'm hungry
as all heck again. I just went and got some chocolate.
Haven't eaten it yet but nonetheless. And when I went there
was THE cutest guy working there. I was like "Honey, where
have you been all my life?" Sure he's most likely like 17
but still... what a cutie!
The third season of Survivor starts tonight. That should
be interesting. I didn't watch the first one and became
addicted to the second one so I guess we'll see.
How interesting am I tonight? Holy man! Ok, I'm off.
Later tater!

Current mood: blah
Current music: none- listening to the Petes' game!