2001-10-11 23:04:17 (UTC)

hey there

hey there!!

my name is missy and i thought i'd tell you a bit about
myself here.

i'm 15
i live in canada
i love to play the piano
my favourite composer is nobuo uematsu
i also like yoko kanno
my favourite singers right now are:
maaya sakamoto, akino arai, and ayumi hamasaki.
i'm a big lifehouse and creed fan too.

i like to draw anime(and am pretty good, not anywhere near
the best)

and i love cloud (ever play final fantasy 7) ya i'm a hard
core cloud fan. (hence the name strifey)

thats aboot it (hehe canadian joke)

c'ya ^_^


(oh and please e-mail me if you like my entry. i'd
love to hear from you)