Sex Book
2001-10-11 22:53:23 (UTC)

First Entry

This is my first entry in this diary. I'm I'm sorry to say
if you don't like sex talk then this diary isn't for you.
Although if you do like sex your in for a treat. I'm 16 and
last night I had the big S. I had sex. It was great I had
it with this guy named Darryl. We went to this dance. I
went with a guy named Seun. He send he went to go and get a
drink. Then this guy named Darryl came and asked me for a
dance I said fine just one. Then we got danceing and he
touched my butt. I though that was sexy so I put my hands
around him and before I knew it we were running out the
door and into the yard behind the building. He pushed me up
against the building when he was kissing me. He was ....
Sorry I need to go right now but I'll be back later on
tonight to finish the rest of the story. It's the best and
sexiest part

Your writer
Barbra Asshton

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