my name?

my boring life
2001-10-11 22:48:58 (UTC)

boring boring boring boring!

today, hmm where to start...i went to was
gay...then i went on the bus to go home...but instead i got
off at Kassies house...we just chilled had soup and
coffee...yum...then went through her closet and shit like
that then we walked all the way to my house and chilled for
a few then we went to Jordans house...kinda boring there
omg i cant walk up hill...then kassie was running late so
we ran all the way down the road what a work out...god im
so outta shape lol!
then i came home and it was all good until my step dad came
home and my mom and them started fighting i dont know what
it was about though...oh well..then my mom left and now im
here yay not cool..oh well...well im gonna go!