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2001-10-11 22:47:34 (UTC)

Just Another Entry

Dear Diary:
I went out after I got dressed and picked up Frank's checks and deposit slips. Then I kind of
just walked around Sears today. There merchandise
has changed a lot.

I went out and got me a double kit home pregnancy
test. The first one came out negative. This means nothing, because when I became pregnant back in 74
with my son, my pregnancy test came out negative.
But I went back andI was two months pregnant.

So in November, like it or not, I must go to see
my doctor and get an internal exam.

I am becoming so horny now-a-days. I need to climax atleast three or four times a day. I mean it is so
intense that I need sex. I feel like a Nympomanic
I need sex, sex , and more sex.! It is as the horny bug has bitten me on my ass.

Masterubation only does the trick so much. Sometimes that does not relieve the need either.

I need sex and organisms so much. I could nt even
reach organism last night via oral stimulation.
It was terrible.

Yikes, what is happening to me? I have never been
this horny in all my life.

Well, soon Robert will signal me.

Love, AmericanIrishRose

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