2001-10-11 22:45:51 (UTC)


"My prince charming is a dick, so bring on the frogs"

Dustin is being such an ass, he doesn't even care about me,
i swear. And thats I have ever wanted... But why doesn't he? I mean,
I am so good to him, or try to be, and its like he doesn't even
realize how hard I am trying to make this work... it shouldn't have
to be this hard.

I went to Great Oaks today. It was great and I had so much
fun. All of my friends were there, old and new, and I got
challenged to do so many things. I was a leader and a
listener, and most of all, there were always people
cheering me on, and friends who had my back. Isn't it nice
to know that people care?

I think that I care way too much and it scares people when
they get to close to me or something... just a stupid
theroy, but everytime i show my affection to someone, its
like they run away.

Its crazy... I guess thats all for now. going to the vball
game, but i'll write back soon... tonite