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2001-10-11 21:57:28 (UTC)


Today was a bad day because we had a 1/2 day and
the chance to sleep in was taken away because of
soccer practice which sucked, we didnt do anything
wrong and he used the same punishment as when we
tied Catoctin but for longer! i hate sprints, especially at
8 in the morning.
Then I feel like crap all day in , well the 2 classes that
we had. grrrrrr. soccer is killing me, im so sick of it and i
dont even know where or if i belong on that team, being
pulled up to varsity was not what i thought it was going
to be, and i feel like im not contributing at allll.
But Homecoming is next weekend and I can't wait to
see Justin and we only have 3 days of school next week
so that's something good to look forward too....