What are you, some kind of Adrien?
2001-10-11 21:47:18 (UTC)

Some people are stupid...

I can't believe how stupid some people can be.

Eryn: You. Come to PWC some day next week. Bring people
with you.
Uncle Katie: i'm not allowed.
i've gone over this with you before.
Eryn: It's not like someone's going to tell on you
Uncle Katie: erin i'm not allowed.
Eryn: Neither am I. WHat's your point?
*sigh* Fine... No use trying.
Uncle Katie: unlike you who obviously doesn't really care
if she gets good grades or gets in trouble with anyone, i
Uncle Katie: "look, i'm not a-f***ing-llowed to skip
school. i'm tired of you not listening to me about it. if
you keep doing it, i'm f***ing ignoring you. i'm so tired
of being told what i can and f***ing cannot do."
Eryn: My God, calm down. It's not like I'm ordering you to.
I'm just stating that it's not illegal. I'm still on your
side remember
Uncle Katie: erm, you don't appear to be on my side. every
time you ask me to come to PWC i tell you i'm not allowed,
yet you *still* ask me and try to pressure me in to coming.
i'm not going, i care about my grades and i care about the
fact i'm not allowed to miss classes. it's fine if you want
to miss classes, if you want to miss out on your education,
but i'm not going to. i'm going somewhere in life.
Eryn: Right, so you're saying I'm not going anywhere in
life. Thanks a bunch Katie.

she was twisting my words, and now i'm pissed. *flush*
there goes my good day down the drain. where's jonathan
when you need him?