Mind Unleashed
2001-10-11 21:41:58 (UTC)


My aunt left today for Toronto. I'm sooo glad that I have
the house to myself for a couple of days. I talked to Meg
the other day and I told her my plans of staying in New
York for the summer for an internship. I hope these 2 years
of college go by fast so I can finish college in New York
and get my own apartment with Meg. Lately I've been having
thse dreams about me being pregnant. They're starting to
scare and panic me. Anyways, my Dad said that he's glad
that I chose journalism as my major because I'm really good
at writing. That felt nice when he said that 'cause he
usually never says I'm good at anything. Robert called me
the other day and we were reminiscing past high school
moments. Primo called last night 'cause he had a baby
girl.My birthday's next week and I'll officially be 18. I
remember when I was about 11 or 12 and I couldn't wait to
be 18 'cause I thought I would be able to do anything I
wanted and now I'm actually gonna be 18 and I still don't
do as I please.How contradictory.