The Diary of S
2001-10-11 21:29:03 (UTC)

todays news

I zipped through the test this morning. I wonder how I did
b/c I never studied. Next week we have the whole week off
from school. Yay!! :D
Sinse I finished my test so fast I got to go home early. I
was soooo happy. But as soon as I got home my boyfriend
tells me that he lost his job. Ughhh!
Actually he was lying to me. He didn't know if he really
lost it but most likely he will. He hadn't left for work
when I got home and should have already been there. He was
acting like it was all my fault because I didn't let him
use my car. MY CAR. That pisses me off so bad when he
thinks MY CAR is his. I'm the one that pays the car payment
and insurance..I should be the one that drives it. Don't
get me wrong. I let him use it as long as I get where I
need to go. But today there was no way I could do what I
had to do if he used my car. This is how our schedule went
8:00- I had to be at school to take my test
about 8:45- I finished my test
9:00-he had to be at work
2:00- I had to be at work
7:00- he gets off work and I go to lunch
11:00- I get off work
Now there is a little you should know about this schedule
first off, I didn't know when I was getting out of school.
I only knew that when I was finished with my test then I
could leave. Also, it takes about 45 mins to get to his
work that early in the morning, so there would have been no
way we would have made it if he would have picked me up
from work this morning.
Like I said, we got in this huge ass fight and I was sure
we were over. He kept saying shit to piss me off and I was
doing the same to him. I pissed him off so much that he got
in my face and was yelling at me. Then he hit me on the
leg. That was it. I went off. Threw my engagement ring at
him and told him we were over. I will not have a man hit
me. Even if it wasn't that hard.
My mother was a battered woman. My dad used to beat her
with flashlights, boards, dishes, his own fist. Once he
even threw boiling hot water on her! I will NOT go through
what my mom did. I don't think I could handle it. I would
go crazy and end up killing him first.
So he left, he tried to take the baby but I wouldn't let
him. I don't want him putting our child in the middle of
this. I'm not going to play tug-o-war with him. He is my
child. I gave birth to him, I went through 39 weeks of
pregnancy with him. He is 100% mine. He is my life.
My boyfriends mom came to get him (bf) and came in the room
to talk to me but I told her to get the Fuck out! Just like
that! LMAO! She pisses me off trying to get all up in our
business. God that pisses me off!!! Ughh!
So they leave and me and my baby take a nap for like 20
mins. Then my boyfriend calls asking me to go over to his
mom's house to talk to him. I did. And we made up. You
could tell he had been crying his eyes out. They were red
and his face was all flushed. :*( I can't help but make up
with him. I love him so much. Him and my baby mean the
world to me. I would be so incomplete without him.
One bad thing though...I had to apologize to him mom. Damn!
I went ahead and apologized even though what I did felt
good. Secretly I was saying Fucking Bitch in my head.
One good thing did happen too...his mom's best friend which
is a sweet 40 year old woman that lives at their house
asked my boyfriend and I if we would like to move into an
apartment with her.
We are all for it! God I hope she isn't fucking with our
heads like everyone else has done to us in the past. I
swear..everyone and their momma was supposed to get an
apartment with us. She is a really sweet lady so maybe
she's being for real. God I am praying this goes through.
She wants to move out like this month. I'm saving money for

So in conclusion, my boyfriend and I made up. So we are
back together. Also, he found out that both his managers
were fired and there is a new manager. So he is going to
tell the manager that he had asked half the day off and
talked about it with one of the managers that were fired.
Hopefully that will go through. I am praying so hard it

Until Next Time,