Thee Sandman

Thee Sandman
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2001-10-11 21:06:03 (UTC)

10.11.01 No Dreams

Well, I havent had any coherent dreams as of late. mostly
muttled dreams. I havent been feeling well this week so
that is probably why.

Im going down to portland this weekend. Taking the train.
It is expensive, way more than driving would be, but i get
to have free time. Nothing to do. read, sleep, write. I
love taking the train. Trains and traffic jams. Free time.
The whole thing is well outside of ones control. Becoming
anxious or angry about the situation doesnt help. Best
thing to do is give up, let go. You cant be anywhere, and
time, for the most part means nothing, since you are going
no-where. Enjoy. The sun or rain, the radio, (i prefer
silence). Enjoy just being quiet inside.

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