2001-10-11 20:44:48 (UTC)

Sehr Intressant...

So yeah, I've recently realized that I like this guy. I'm
not going to mention any names, 'cuz who knows who could be
reading this... Anyhow, I told two friends of mine that are
also friends of his to see what I should do. One had no
advice for me, and the other told me to tell the guy that I
like him, 'cuz he thinks he'll like me... whatever... Now,
this guy, he kinda acts like he likes on of my "friends" and
he's said that he likes her, but who knows... So yeah, in
band today, someone came up to me and was like "I heard you
like so and so" I was like, from who?! I thought it was
kind of odd that she heard, seeing as how I had told two
people... She was just like "I don't know, but I think you
guys would make a cute couple"... well, I told her that I
wasn't really sure if I wanted to be anything more than just
friends with him, although I know that I do, and that I'm
not sure how much I even like him... Anyhow, it's kinda
funny how people talk... Wow, so that's why I never tell
anyone my feelings... Okey dokey, well, I'm going to go talk
to this person now...