Glass Is Just Too Small

Theres something in my ice
2001-10-11 19:00:35 (UTC)

Inertia is a property of matter...

I havent succumb to desire to see him.....yet. I know i
will break. But i cant. I can not go see him. There is
no way. If he does see me, it will be becuase he drives to
see me. I dont want that to happen either. I need never
too see him again. Its too hard. Ive known him a year
exactly and my life has become so hard. I fell so hard for
someone who isnt good for me. So i am on a mission to
clean up my broken peices and to move on. My life can be
great, i just need to focus on making it so. If him and i
were meant to be, then we will. I have this feeling that
he will get tired of chasing me and let me go. This will
happen sooner than i think. Gosh, im so tired, i want to