Rach's thoughts
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2001-10-11 18:12:10 (UTC)

Time to think

Today has been a good day, I've just changed course so I'm
having to resit first year. Hence I have no friends in my
lectures, today I met a new friendly face. So i now have
someone to sit with in class and to get me handouts when I
can't make it to lectures.
We started our first proper accounting class and I got the
example to work. i love it when things come back to you.
I'm meant to be going to juggling tonight but I can't face
the thought of baing in the same room as Him. Or rather I
can't be bothered to avoid him and not kill him.
I should explain, He is a guy who is madly in love with me
and thinks I have similar fellings toward him. I can't stand
him and my skin crawls when he even touches me. I have
perhaps slightly incoraged him in the past, but I can't take
it any more.
Mum called this morning and she's coming over to visit in
time for Samhuinn so she can supervise my sister and my
activities at the festival. I still don't know how I'm going
to tell her that I'm going to be red at Beltane.
Any way today was a good day and I'm not going to let any
negative thoughts enter today,