Life in the Making
2001-10-11 18:03:19 (UTC)

Jen's Complaints

I get a message from Jen. She says my diary is boring now that I
stopped writing things about all the people at Mountasia. I'm
confused. Charles said that what I did was for the best- and I feel
better about myself that I did stop, but at the same time, I want to
post what I think and entertain people with my ideas. That's the
whole reason why I let everyone know about my diary. I want to
entertain people. But at the same time I don't want to hurt them. I
hurt John H. and now he won't talk to me. For that I'm sorry. And
that's one reason why I stopped writing about people. I didn't want
to hurt anyone else or lose any more friends. One was enough. I
so wish I can write about JB right now and make fun of his hair
cut....but then he'd refuse to fix my car...... lol. I need his help. Him
and Josh are the only ones I know who know anything about cars.
I've gotten off topic, havn't I? Oh well. I'm done here.