the lilfe of a very confused person
2001-10-11 17:50:51 (UTC)

well just another day

well, i guess im home from school again.... sick damnit
i actually wan to go back. well i made an entry yesterday
but i was a little fucked up so i dont know if it was clear.
i woke up today at 1 oh my god that feels so good to do
i definatly need the sleep. i tryed calling love line last
night but the line was busy all the time. how are they
sposed to help you if the line is always busy????.

well enough of the boring stuff .. i had a dream last
night that me and the girl i like were together becase
she had a fight with her boyfriend, im not sure right now
if she thinks of me as a friend or as some one she
likes. i dont know if the reason i like her is becasue she
has a bofriend ? is it because im jelous??? becuause
this has happend before. but i feel that this is more
than that, but am i just saying it because im in denilal??
i dont know and it is really just puzzling me. she knows i
like her and i doesnt seem like she has a probluem
with it at least i dont think so , she could just be hiding it
from me so she would hurt my fealings...... id ont know
i think i think to much i should just sit back and look at
the big picture.. well hmmmmmm i dont know life is so
confusing.. i really like he i think i think im just going to
think about it...............