Rach's thoughts
2001-10-11 17:43:44 (UTC)

All about me

This is my new online diary, so welcome to all of you who
are reading this.
I'll start by telling you a bit about my self.
I'm from Edinburgh originaly but my parents now live in
Saudi Arabia.I have two sisters and twin brothers, who all
live in various parts of the UK at either school or
I'm currently studing Accountancy with Buisness at Edinburgh
I live in a flat with 3 of my friends who are the best fun
in the universe, they are Becky, Nicola and Alison but more
about them another time.
I'm a passionate person who once interested in something
will be totaly devoted to it for ages.
I'm currently the Treasurer of Edinburgh university Juggling
Society, so you can visit our web page at
I'm also involved in Beltane, the festival to celibrate the
start of summer on the 30th of April. This year I was a
member of Air Point. It is the most amaising fun and anyone
who is anywhere near Edinburgh should come along next year.
That's about all that I can think of to write about myself
just now so I hope that you'll enjoy reading about my life.
Love and Light