The Daily Babble
2001-10-11 17:26:47 (UTC)

Projects and exams suck!

So Monday I go to my Prob/Stats class, getting ready to
take notes for the exam...The only thing the professor
could tell us is where it was being held!!! He didn't even
know what was gonna be on it! And then he started teaching
other things!!! So I was a lil annoyed about that. I went
nuts sitting around by myself on break and then night class
went without a hitch.

Tuesday was even worse!!!!!! I told my boss that I wouldn't
go to work cuz I promised Jeff that I would study after
class...But I didn't realize that I got out of class at 1
and he got out of work at 6:30!!!! So after my classes, I
didn't know what to do!!So I went to the labs and I tried
getting in touch with people to get lunch...ON a whim I
walked to the cafe and ran into Matte, Johnboy, and DT so
that was pretty cool, but they had all eaten...So I chatted
with them for a while and then left. I decided to head off
to Pizza Hut for some breadsticks....On the way to my car,
I called Adam, but he didn't pick up so I just went off
myself...I got stuck in traffic on Rt 21 cuz apparently
some car got into an accieent..either by himself or a hit
and run....Anywayz, I got to Pizza Hut and ate in
myself like a loser! And THEN Adam calls me!...Apparently
he'd been in class so he's like "you couldn't wait til
2:30?" So I just ate by myself and came back to school...

The library at school was packed! So I went into
Millburn. I stopped by Jeff's office to say Hi and then
drove to the Millburn library which was like down the
street and then at 6:30 I went back to get him. So then we
drove over to the library again and he went over some prob
stats stuff with me. Fun stuff. Ok well not really. But
we had a fun time learning it and just being goofy. It was
good to know that we could got all retarded even while
studying! But we headed off early cuz I still had to go
home and study some more on my own.

Wednesday I went to work in the morning and worked a while
2 hours...then I just went off the clock and studied after
lunch cuz I knew the school library would be packed! So I
studied and emailed Jeff back and forth and then headed for
the exam. I have to admit, I felt a lil more secure than I
would have, had Jeff not helped me. The test was a little
tricky but I think I did well....It took the full hour and
45 minutes to finish!

After the exam I went to my car and Matte was parked next
to me! So we said hi and he went to class and then I drove
to Interet to see Jeff...Of course I got there early and
had to wait a lil while but thats ok.

So after he got out of work, it was a huge adventure...We
decided to find the Michael's store off of Rt. 22...Well we
got "lost" and ended up in Newark! So we went back and
tried again and that didn't work we just gave
up and came back to Millburn for dinner. We went to this
nice Italian resturant down the street from his work. It
was a lot of fun..the food was good, our watiress was
really nice and we just had fun talking....Afterwards we
walked through the park across the street and then went to
Barnes and Noble for Christine's present.

We drove back to Interet...said g'nite and drove home...We
only talked for a few minutes that nite cuz we were both so

Today's been another long and tiring day, and its only 1:30
PM! But this is all I'm gonna write for today!