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Emo Violence
2001-10-11 17:13:39 (UTC)

more on yesterday

so anyway, will dropped me off at dads and i was in a bad
mood cause i still wanted to hang with jarred, but oh well,
i sorta moped around at dads and erluctantly ate dinner,
which was chicken in roasted peppers and tomatos over
pasta, i SOO wasnt in the mood, but fuck it, so i pretty
much felt like crap and im lying down and i fall asleep and
my dad just lets me sleep so its past nine and im still
sleeping WTF isnt that crazy, i was so pissed when i woke
up and had a mad headache, fuck, so i KNEW i wasnt going to
school today.

i need to post that ebay auction with the emo jacket.
TODAY. i also should shower or at least get dressed cause
i need to go to that meeting for the show on the 26h at
3pm. ands its 1 now. i could use some lunch too. mm mm
good. get some lunch, go to meeting, call friends, do
somthing, fun fun.

anyway, im just chillin watchin sat. night live on commedy
central, i love that channel.

anywy, i told jarred and will last night and said "dont
ever think your fetishes are weird, believe me, i top all
of you kids" and i was dead serious.

well i better run, clint and i are talkng dumb on movies.