2001-10-11 17:02:22 (UTC)

la la narf oogle boink

i'm getting a bit frustrated w/ kazaa at home.
i shouldn't say that. i'm more frustrated w/ ralph (my
computer). she's been moody lately. damn females. none of
us make sense.

got a part of my webpage pretty much done. ... well, my
pocket bish collection at least. yes, i know i'm
pathetically slow. i just don't care anymore.

been thinking of writing a fanfic w/ bebop and trigun. can
you guess the situation?
(if you're anime-illiterate, the bebop crew is a group of
bounty hunters and vash has a bounty on his head. need i
say more?)

i'm going to work on the page again- last 1/2 hr of cisco
is freetime.


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