Event Horizon
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2001-10-11 16:55:10 (UTC)


It was that december. time to go too far. to floor the
gas and rain the night inside the warmth. it was that

driving on the side of the road, far from the miles of
others. the kisses of telephone rings in your ears. the
doors still closing behind you 4 hours away. like a scar.
like a rounded sorrow. like the catacombs.

the doubled over stars around it all now. them not moving
you moving them not. you saw him there. in your back.
the rearview mirror giving the past reflections. something
in the passings car glitter glitter the mirror. his eyes
were mirrors.

yourself lost in the high aeroplane. the small one.
thinly different. just didn't get it. to scream with no
reason just like the biploar shadows on your lips.

to grow vinely all over the earth. snagged on the feet of
them with the oil skin like oranges.

at ease. sometimes as it were. otherwheres scathing teeth
chattering from the lonely fields and sorrow clouds. grey
and dust raining over the dried faded black sky horizon

and to drive over those fields in the warmth. to let go
with the wheels splashing laughing panick over the cliff.
that burst of light. somewhere in the rubble of a