Event Horizon
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2001-10-11 16:47:09 (UTC)

Speak XXV

Blurred softly music. Darkened light mahogony. Floor like
a hammok.

"Line?" Flutter lashes. That whole bit about the
dimensions again.

She looked at him, the room, the few people scattered
around on couches, making out or talking or bending over
notebook as if they were trying to tear through them. She
closed them again.

He laughed. "Welcome back indeed." He rain his fingers
through her hair.

Ruby looked up from her book, and smiled dark purple all
over Line. Safe Safe. A pentagram rotating. She wasn't
getting out of this one. To hell with it.

She sat up cross legged and Ruby came and sat beside her.

"You ready to go out?"

"Sure," Line said, grabbed her notebook, and followed her.

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