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2001-10-11 15:10:10 (UTC)


Hi, me again. I am so excited about tonight. We have a
show to go to, Flickerstick is probably already here in
Nashville too. I have to be down there at 328 Performance
Hall about 6, even though dorrs dont open till 7pm, we have
things to do. Business that is... We had fun yesterday on
MWL but we were told we'd be hosting, and we didnt, which
pissed me off. I wanted to host, but we did get to say
soemthing about flickerstick... and a few people were
interested. Which is good, but I looked retared on tv. I
looked like "duh", but it is ok, no one knew me, but
tonight is going to be great!! I cant wait to see Brandin,
Cory, Rex, Dom, and Fletcher. It is soppossed to rain, but
IM ONLY HAPPY WHEN IT RAINS! hahaha, at least it is in
doors, and I know we'll have a great time. So, gotta go,

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