What's up now?
2001-10-11 14:46:15 (UTC)

bleah for today...

Still super shitty out...I hate days like just
makes me wish I could stay in bed all day, all cuddled in
my blanket somewhere off in my dreams...but ahh...I must go
to class. For the first time all year I had to get up
early and actually be somewhat productive. I went to an
advising session...It's such a bitch planning out next
semester...actually the rest of my life!! Trying to double
count this and overlap whatever I can, it seems like I'll
never be out in the propossed 4 1/2 years! Its soo
overwhelming and there's nothing I can do about it. Oh
well we'll see how its goes. Today I get to go yell like
hell..haha! It's homecoming and I'm being "involved" this
year. Guess that's what looks good on your least
thats what I'm told. So in an effort to one day say "i was
involved in college" I am trying to do as much as I can,
although I have to say its been very fun :) Then there's a
huge pep rally, some fireworks, and then most likely we
will hit up the Wayside :) Thursday rituals never
die...:) Maybe my friends will get their mack on once
again...haha hopefully not with a certain
someone...Tomorrow's Friday, the day I have been waiting
for ALL week! It's been one of the longest 7 days yet this
year! But its finally almost here :) yea!!!