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2001-10-11 14:11:04 (UTC)

War on Terroism

Dear journal ,
The news on tv frightens me. I have neve been a big
fan of violence. and then again , i dont think i ever will
be. i think there are so many things that we take for
granted in this life its hard to establish some boundries.
How far is to far. If i only cross the line 2 feet , is it
as bad as it would be if i crossed it 7 or 8 . Give me
some sort of set consquences.
Life is just a bunch of theorys that role aroung ooo
we came from monkeys.. om my the big BOOM ... and then from
God.. pick . I dont think it said to have an answer that u
soppurt but to support nothing is like .. hey man i
believe in the big black void theory hyak. its just doesnt
cut it for me ya know.
Life is filled with indesions like now i am so in
love with "Sonic" but i am not avaible. why is life so
hard.. ? Mama always used to say why buy the cow when you
can get the milk for free i guess i should have listened a
little more carefully to her. but .. that was then .. and
here i am now living far away from home. Home sickness is
something you can come right ouyt and say i have that maybe
you can say, i just remembering the old days .. beiong
nostolgic.. or perhaps .. not. but its out here own my own
that i have found a new respect for my mother and
everything she goes threw. it must .. have been ruff.
well thats all for now