My Life
2000-11-10 15:06:17 (UTC)

Dear Diary, 11/10/00 I..

Dear Diary, 11/10/00
I wonder what today will bring me....sadness,happiness,love, or
that one person whom I need to fill my heart.
My children are going to see their dad for the weekend and I'm
still sitting here wondering what I'm going to do with my short quiet
weekend alone. Maybe go to the bar and dance a lil. Then again maybe
I should just go watch a movie "Little Nicky" so I can gather my
thoughts on what my life is looking like at this moment. Which right
at the moment sucks I can't remember an appointment for shit. I have
way too much going on and if I don't relax I think I might start to
I talked to Ted last night and he is still sick and I hope that he
gets better soon, Although I really think he has no interest in me
but for one simple thing (sexual)...Why are all the men I meet only
interested in one damn thing...Yeah I love sex too but com'on I also
have a personality...I live...I breath...and I exist...So why is it
that they don't care????
This is nice just to ramble on about whatever is in my head at the
moment. Very relaxing to get it all out in writing.
Brian (my cousin) and I have to go pull out my dad's pontoon boat.
Then transport all the trucks to the shop because it is too cold out
and they can't start. Then I have to take the kids to their
grandparents house about 40 mins away. Well, enough for the moment
Till then...........