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Emo Violence
2001-10-11 13:15:42 (UTC)

sick day for sarah

so im not at school right now, im at home, typing my
entry. i did post yesterday and i really wanted to, here's
a break down of what happened.

woke up, felt sick, was in a bad mood, but went to school
anyway, in the morning, christine meets me at my house so
we can catch the bus togheter, she always smokes before we
go to school, that irks my chain sometimes cause she always
smokes in my back yard while she waits for me, cause im
always slow, so anyway, i wasnt feeling very socail, she
was telling me about lee and her new sweatshirt she got ect
ect. i didnt feel like talking and i was sorta like uh huh
uh huh that sounds nice uh huh. ect ect. i hope i didnt
make her mad, i just wasnt in the mood. anyway, i had a
head ache all morning and was really in a mad mood, so 2nd
pd. hits and its like a study hall so i get all my work
done, but i was REALLY hungy. so jono and i talk and get
our vocab done, ect. then i head onto study hall 3rd
period, get some food, chill with christine cause shes in
there today, and then i get pretty pissed cause some girlys
in my seat and jason and his friends took up our whole
table, well, who invited jason to come there in the first
place WE did. damn ah well, i read a litte of my burn
collector (new book ive been excitedly anticipating to
recieve in the mail and i did tuesday night) anyway, a
little later we all sit together and jason tells me that
Jono REALLY REALLY likes me (not THAT is somthing to think
about, FUCK). then 4h, 5th, lunch, 6th 7th 8th, all
relatively uneventful classes.

after school i met jarred and will at he front steps, we
decide to go to the gallery for some food. (first time this
week ive been ther) anyway so we pick the table closest to
the wall with most privacy because the racey converstaion
had already begun. it all started when jarred and i had to
explain the shocker to will, then we start talking about
anal sex and other risque stuff like that, we talk about
orgasming and will's last girlfriend and how many girlys
jarred has fucked, so it was pretty crazy, then we decide
to head to will's house, we chill in his room a little,
jarred and him are playing some video games, after wards,
jarred and i laid next to each other, i was playing with
his dreads (as i ALWAYS do) and rubbing his scalp and
touching his ear ever so lightly, we cuddled together and i
laid my head on his chest, he was moaning softly, i checked
with him a few times to make sure i wasnt getting to cozy,
he said i was fine, then we bounce, and go to his house,
had some fun with sprite and a banana and then went to
eckards to see megan (the whole time in the car i was
playing with jarred in the back seat) then they drove me
home... i'll finish in an hour or so, caus more happened.