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2001-10-11 11:58:58 (UTC)



i open my eyes and u were gone.

yest nite i had weird dreams. i mean i have been havin
sleepin problems and the gen. prac said it was common coz
its like exams. so he gave me some pills.. so de past few
days i have been fallin asleep in de evenin and waking up
only in de mornin to go to skool.. itd be like 12 hrs kinda

becoz i have been sleepin so much i think ive havin too
many dreams. but dreamers often lie.. so yeah whut de hell.

ive been havin flashbacks... of happier times.. and den
when i wake up i cry. hehe. it sounds a lil funny now dat i
put it into words but its true.. i dream of times when i
was with nenek and when life was carefree..i dreamt of
times when dy and i had cheeseburger with banana milkshake
off orchard rd.. and de times we chased bapuks in parkway.. de times
i wanted somuch to ride on de sesame street kiddy rides in parkway
and de times dy bought ice cream only to tempt me and me havin to
finish it... i mean dos were neat. swellin neat.

but dey were dreams. and dey were history.

lith, without love now...

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