Karen & Austin~edd=11-15-01
2001-10-11 11:11:43 (UTC)

Religion:Church and stuff

'My heart is with the lord,but my vomit is with the church.'
I refuse to go to church.If I feel like I need to go to
church because of 9-11 than Im obviously doubting my own
faith.I believe in god,jesus,and mary but Im not going to
tell everyone who walks past that they should too,or Id be
as bad as the 6 O'clock door pests.
Whats up with the bible anyways?I mean who's to say those
guys that wrote it werent seeing things in need of water.And
who's to say it isnt a big list of superstitions.Where did
dinosaurs come from?Oh,that must be in the really old
version of the bible.Now nobody can translate the bible for
sure.You cant relate unless you have a heard of sheep and 20
brothers who might sell you to a king.I dont believe in a
list of words from strangers who say god told them.
Born Again?Yeah right.So youve denied your religion and
when your life sucked to no end like everyone elses,you jump
back to worship and call it being born again.Like being a
vergin again,you cant to that.Too late people youre going to
'Blessid are those who dont see,and still believe.'
didnt the bible say that?'Only believe half of what you see
and none of what you hear'now lots of people say that.Its a
huge test of faith to read a sacred book and call it
believeing without seeing.
~ My plans with my son as far as religion~
Ofcourse I want my son to be baptized as I was at birth
and I may concider church with him.I wont make him go to
bible study though.Ill incourage him to ask the priest any
questions he has on the bible.I wont make him go to church
or read daily if he doesnt want to.That means I ask the
bedtime before if he wants to go to church or read the
bible.Im not going to demand him to do something I disagree
with but I hope to have an open mind so he can worship his
whomever the way he wants to.I dont care if he calls god the
easter bunny as long as his concept is sort of straight.My
mother says that you can worship a rock to prase god because
you know god made that rock.Is that a form of a deity or
what?Yet another screwed up translation of the bible's
listings on how to worship.

You guys loved this article I wrote.I didnt baptize Austin.Thats his
choice when he's ready.When he's older Im sure he'll ask about
diffrent religious beliefs and I've decided that we'll goto the
library together to check into it.I dont know enough about all
religions to be telling anyone about them and Austin needs to be
informed correctly.