What Lies Beneath...
2001-10-11 10:32:19 (UTC)


I totally forgot about this thing until I got an e-mail
reminding me about it. Anyhoo...I have this slight problem.
The guy I've been pining over for the last well...i don't
know how long but its been a long time. Anyhoo...this guy
we were "more than good friends" that had been established.
well he dedided ya know to just totally ditch me. He's
probably out having a great time with those girls that he
turned down for the homecoming dance. why am i even talking
about this. its stupid. geez cori i didn't know you even
went there! i thought you said you'd never cry over a guy.
i guess i just totally went against my "inner moppet" cuz
guess what!!! i'm crying over a guy and have been for the
past six days!!!! i promised myself a long time ago that
never again would i shed tears for a guy and look where i
am! i could always go off on a rave and say "i hate him!! i
fucking hate him!!!" but the thing is...I don't! i don't
hate him at all. I love him beyond anything and everything
in this whole world...yet i say one thing and he leaves.
says he never wants to talk to me again. maybe i was right
along in the whole not trusting people thing. maybe i
shouldn't trust anybody. maybe i should just live alone or
better yet just kill myself now! its a helluva lot better
than being alone! i hate guys i hate how they make me cry i
hate that they dont understand but i dont hate them all i
dont hate the one that hurt me the most i dont hate you