lifeless days
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2001-10-11 09:37:31 (UTC)



fuck! i cant sleep, im sittin here watching episodes of ren
and stimpy, and looking at BME like i do every day/night
i need a life!

just called my boss and left him a message asked him if
anyone could work for me today and tomarow hopefully he
wont be pissed since he knows whats goin with me, i just
feel guilty cus hes probably the only one at work that
doesnt bitch at me about everything i do wrong, im so sick
of everyone there all they ever do is pick on me about my
peircings and how i dye my hair n shit, ghetto people are
so closed minded they have no clue of whats goin on around
them and it really pisses me off, everyone looks down on me
there im like the big freak of the hospital