lifeless days
2001-10-11 07:57:10 (UTC)



another lonley night
i just talked to my mom, she wants me to start seeing
a shrink because i dont sleep enough, nothings goin to help
me sleep, the only thing that would probably help is moving
to cali since everything i want is out there, moving to
cali is a big move and im scared, my rents are really worried
that if i go out there i wont be able to find a job and find a place
to stay till i find a job ,i depend on my parents
way to fucking much and im sick of it, its good at
sometimes but they still treat me like a little kid,
since my grandfather just passed away i cant just get up
and leave cus my family would just disown me and that
wouldnt be good, my entire family is so fucking depressed
over my grandpa and its really sad, everyone has allways
been happy cept for me now everyone is all depressed, im
not used to it, i cant even go over to my grandmas cus the
whole house smells like my grandpa and she jus looks a lost
puppy dog and i jus wanna save her some how

save me