faiien angei

a day in the life...
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2001-10-11 05:56:05 (UTC)

bitter bitch

so can i just start of by saying: FUCK EVERYONE!

the boy is stupid and decided to pull this whole rock star
bullshit with me...
"i'll call you the next time i'm in town"

fuck off.

my bestfriend sucks...
"lets just be friends until someone better comes
along...then when they do, i'm going to flake on you!"

fuck off.

the other friend sucks...
"I know you dont get off work until 6:30...but we're
leaving at 4...oh you cant come? that sucks...and to think,
we've been planning this trip for a month!"...
"i know you're having boy problems right now...but can i
just tell you how wonderful my boy is? i dont want to rub
salt in the wound...sigh...i'm so happy...happy happy joy
joy...gloat gloat...why do you look sad when i talk about
how wonderful my love life is...OH THATS RIGHT, YOU JUST
GOT MIND FUCKED! sorry...dont be salty!"

fuck off.

the ex boyfriend...
"I know i invited you to go with us on friday...but i've
decided that i'd rather go play mini-golf!"

feast or famine...

fuck off!