Inside me
2001-10-11 05:51:38 (UTC)

I'm sick

my skin feels tight and it hurts and it burns
i'm not happy about anything in my life, but should I be?
I feel like i'm sinking deeper
Everything looks so grey to me
I feel like I'm wasting time...I don't have alot
I feel alone all the time
You can ask me how I feel about life, about you, about me
I don't know...I probably should but i dont
My friends are all drifting away..or maybe it's me
Everything keeps changing and it's so hard
I can't just say this, and I honestly don't know what I
want. You want me to bring you down with me?
It's so much easier to hurt myself than to hurt others
I don't think it's going to happen anyway
Everything is such a bore
who cares anyways? Who says anything like this?
Who says there is such a thing as what i'm feeling?
Maybe i'm dead..maybe i'm dead? I feel dead. What does dead
mean? What does anything mean? What do I mean?
I think my heart is broken...I don't think it was ever not