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2001-10-11 05:32:17 (UTC)


So I have been friends with this girl for 5 years. Her
name is Shelly. I love her to death. We have been through
alot together and we have stayed fiends through it all.
Well, Shelly got pregnant and asked me to be Godmother. I
told her yes of course. She asked me that 6 months ago.
She wanted me there through Lamaz (spelled right?) and she
wante me in the celivery room. Well she moved and she gave
me her new address and phone number. I lost the address
but I have called her everyday. No one ever answers the
phone. EVER. I haven't talked to her since. it's been 6
months. I was driving around today and I was thinking
about her and I realized that this was the due date.
TODAY.....I did some creative thinking and I tracked down
an old mutual friend. He told me where she lives and he
gave me directions to her house. I get there and there is
a sign on the door that says, "Please be quiet when
entering...Baby is sleeping." I cried. She didn't even
call me. I don't know what the deal is. I am so sad.

Then I went to a Becky's house nd I was chillin with her
(we've been friends for a year and a half) and alot of shit
that doesn't belong to me but that I had turns up missing.
Well I asked her about it and she didn't know anything. So
then we find ou that it was her friend Buddy. She stood up
for him. But that is not the worst part. I am staying
with Lori because I got kicked out of my house and it was
her stuff that got stolen. I told Becky that Lori was
gonna kick me out of my house if I didn't get it back.
Juss to see what she would do. She took up for Buddy who
she has known for 3 months and she told me it wasn't her
problem. Well it was her friend that I trusted because SHE
trusted him. She didn't even care. Oh, well. There goes
two good friends. And this is the icing on the
cake....Becky owes me 2,000 dollars. So.... I suppoes I ad
to learn this lesson sometime.

A very importand person once told me, "Fuck me once...Shame
on you. Fuck me twice...Shame on me." So shame on me
then...Guess that is how it goes huh?

Gotta go...I'll write more Latah.

[email protected]

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